April: Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month
In 2022, 54,000 new cases will be diagnosed.
March: Colorectal Cancer
Awareness Month
Together they are the third most common cancer.
February: Cancer Prevention Month
While genetics plays a role, almost 45% of cancers are preventable.
Early Detection Leads to a Cure!
Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.
Lung Cancer: Risks and Prevention
Lung cancer is the second highest type of lung cancer diagnosed in both men and women.
Breast Cancer: Is it Hereditary?
In 2021 it is estimated that there will be 27,880 new cancer cases in Louisiana
Cervical Cancer Awareness
Cervical Cancer survival rates are impacted by screening and access to screening.
When are we going to have a cure for cancer?
This is the most frequent question I get asked.

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